12 String.electric.”guild Starfire Xii” Vintage”1967″

Guild DC 5 NT True American Acoustic Electric Guitar
Guild DC 5 NT True American Acoustic Electric Guitar
   US $750.00
guild 140642805098383000 12 String.electric.guild Starfire Xii Vintage1967

American Made     World Played

Own a piece of American Musical Instrument Heritage & Sound

Considered to be one of "The Secret Weapons" of The 60's sound. The Electric 12 String.


This unique instrument sounds & plays even better than it shows. Both onstage and in the studio. Is a real "wow factor" audience magnet. 

The sound from this instrument cannot be sampled, processed or simulated to sound authentic unless you play the real thing. Believe me. I've tried. Why ? because it's analog. Something is lost in the attempted translation to digital. When it comes to wanting a 12 string sound, the pro's really play a 12 string. We know, good listeners can tell the difference !   

What sets The Starfire XII apart from my Ric 360/12 & Gibson ES-335/12 ?

It is warmer, fuller & jazzier than the Ric. But brighter than the Gibson. A great hybrid. The guitar was factory wired in "stereo" as an option in "67"  This means that each pickup can come from 2 different amps or both at the same time controlled by the toggle switch on the guitar. I attach a Roger McGuinn "Jangle Box" th the bridge pickup line and chorus in the neck line. I can't describe that sound ! Or, you can play it clean in mono through one or two seperate amps for Wes Montgomery stuff. I supply the cords. I pay for certified insured shipping in USA. I'll pay for half for overseas shipping.

So if it's so great and I have had it 42 years why am I selling it ?

Because I suffer from a condition know as GAS or Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. I have TWO of them. While growing up in Long Island, New York my Dad owned a music store. Let's just say I was never at a shortage of guitars.

If youve got the chops and desire to stand out from the rest, please give this 42 yr. old Starfire XII a good home and make it part of your guitar armamentarium.

Dr Ron. Jupiter,Florida.USA.    

guild 140642805098383002 12 String.electric.guild Starfire Xii Vintage1967


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