Guild Guitars Just Get Better (And Better)

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It's going to be tough to make a review on Guild Guitars without getting personal. My first 6-string was a Guild. My first 12-string, too. Boy, was that a beautiful guitar -- blond wood and gold tuning pegs -- it was a young man's dream. The name Guild will always bring back memories of the beauty, both in sound and appearance, of these fine musical instruments.

Guild Guitars

Since 1953, the Company has been turning out nothing but the finest guitars, both acoustic and electric, that have ever graced the planet. Early on, they were dubbed, "The Stradivari of Guitars." If you open their Website you can get a good look at what's available in their line and some of the well-known players who have chosen the Guild name as their brand of choice. Paul Simon, Richie Havens, Eric Clapton and George Benson, to name a few. And, of course, me. I love Guild Guitars (and not just because we were born the same year).

First located in New York, N. Y., the company soon outgrew its capacity and moved shop to Hoboken, N. J. (home of the insanely popular Frank Sinatra). Subsequent moves to accommodate the ever-growing market, Guild is currently located in New Hartford, Connecticut, where they continue to excel in providing their line of strong, balanced and uncompromisingly crafted guitars.

Guilds guitars aren't cheap but, as you know, 'good things ain't cheap and cheap things ain't good'. A guitar made in China, by any other name, is still going to seem second-rate. There's no way to fairly compare it to the All-American made-to-last-a-lifetime quality and craftsmanship that is synonymous with the Guild brand.

When Richie Havens took the stage that first day at Woodstock, N. Y., in 1969, at the biggest rock concert ever held, he was playing his Guild. They still make that model - the D-40. Ritchie's become famous and so has that guitar he was playing.

Guild Guitars are the best, and just getting better. No matter where you live, one of these fine instruments could be yours and only a few clicks away. Try the best. You deserve it.