Dearmond M-66 Guild Bluebird Style Guitar

Guild X 700 Stuart Archtop Hollowbody Hollow Jazz Guitar Exquisite
Guild X 700 Stuart Archtop Hollowbody Hollow Jazz Guitar Exquisite
   US $3,395.00
guild 162911805172541360 Dearmond M 66 Guild Bluebird Style Guitar

 2001 build, an excellent example of a guitar that is no longer being made and harder and harder to come by. DeArmond used to be owned by Guild but then was bought and now is (was?) a fender company. This is a great styled guitar, dual hums, typical 4 volume/tone controls with the D logo on them, nice finish, great clear pick guard and an excellent red-orange color. fantastic action, no fret wear, silent electronics, would be a great guitar for beginner to intermediate to hold on to for years to come. the small body and fast neck are easy to handle and play and it's a really attractice piece on to of it all.

I keep having to relist this because a-hole ebay people keep taking it down because I say the body shape is the same as a famous Gibson guitar with Paul in the name. screw you ebay. no one thinks this is that guitar. I think it's pretty clear what I am selling. ATTENTION EBAY PEOPLE, GUILD MADE THIS GUITAR TO MIMIC THEIR MORE EXPENSIVE BLUEBIRD AT A LOWER PRICE POINT. IT IS DESCRIBED THAT WAY BY DEARMOND. STOP TAKING MY AUCTION DOWN.

M-65's are selling on ebay for $300, damaged, and they are the model that is BELOW this one.

This one is in fantastic shape, a couple of small dings on the back of the guitar, the plastic is still even on the cavity covers. This is a fantastic buy, would make a really great gift for someone... or to yourself.

Gig bag is included ONLY with the BIN purchase.

and to be clear for those of you who do not read, this auction is for the guitar only, not the amp, not the pedals, not the stand, not the electrical outlet, not the door to my crawl space, not the wall, not the floor.

guild 162911805172541361 Dearmond M 66 Guild Bluebird Style Guitar


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