Guild Acoustic Electrics Guitars

The Guild story began with jazz guitars, and the tradition that commenced in 1953 continues today. The early days saw the introduction of models like the X500 Stuart, X350 Stratford and the Johnny Smith, which became the Artist Award. Guild hummed with activity as artists like Carl Kress, George Barnes and Johnny Smith became early endorsers of the new American Jazz Guitar.

Today, as Guild prepares to enter the new millennium, these classic jazz guitars are still the flagships of our guitar line. Jazz guitarists like John Pisano, Paul Bollenback, Larry Baione and Jack Cecchini continue to make Guild their choice for tone, reliability and playability.

The StarfireTM series of thinline hollow-body and semi-hollowbody archtop guitars is based on the specifications of the classic Guild Starfires of the early 1960s. Vintage styling and modern refinements make the Starfires the most versatile models in the Guild line-go from jazz to blues to rock with only a flip of a switch and the tweak of a knob.

This solid mahogany model originated in 1963. Improved and refined over the years, the S100 PolaraTM of today offers the electric guitar player a versatile set neck solidbody alternative. The critical player will find a more solid feel and better sustain when he or she compares the S100 to its better known counterpart.

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