Guild Jumbos Series

The Guild Jumbo Series Guitars

The Guild Jumbo Series guitars were first manufactured in Manhattan in 1954, the original Guild flattops. Our JF (Jumbo Folk) models have matching twelve-string versions available in Blonde and Antique Sunburst. All Guild twelve-string guitars are fitted with double truss rods and custom bracing to stand up to the extra tension exerted by twelve strings. These guitars are exceptionally well balanced for recording as well as live performance.

Nothing sings out as bold and true as a Guild jumbo-style acoustic guitar. Guild is the only American manufacturer that selects and grades its wood from the raw timber. From the beauty of the spruce, to the elegance of the rosewood, to the shine of the nitrocellulose finish, we stand proudly behind the quality of our materials. Guild jumbos are 17 inches wide at the lower bout. The necks are 25-5/8 inches in scale, have 20 frets, are 1-11/16 inches wide at the nut and have a 12-inch radius. If you're a player who likes the heft and projection of a real solid-wood acoustic, our jumbos are for you. They're built to last, and the tone is as sweet as the smell of sawdust on a spring morning.

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