Guild Starfire Xii 12 String Guitar 1966

Guild X 700 Stuart Archtop Hollowbody Hollow Jazz Guitar Exquisite
Guild X 700 Stuart Archtop Hollowbody Hollow Jazz Guitar Exquisite
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guild 264512507281125750 Guild Starfire Xii 12 String Guitar 1966

Guild has always been known for making great 12 strings and this one is no exception. They released the Starfire XII in 1966 and this is serial number DC 106-the sixth one off the line.  That, in itself, is pretty cool, but it goes well beyond that. You've seen plenty of "relics" made by beating a brand new guitar with a chain and treating the metal parts so they rust but this one's for real. The term "rode hard and put away wet" applies here. Scrapes, scratches, checking, flaking, chipping-they're all here on this guitar. But it still plays beautifully and sounds as jangly as ever.  It's 100% complete and original too. Here's what you need to know: The headstock face laminate is coming up a bit. A little glue and a clamp will take care of that. The bridge pickup is intermittent-it probably has a cold solder joint. It works when you tap it and will stay working for a while then die again-so it isn't the pickup-its the wiring or the pot. The case looks like it's been dragged behind a pickup for a few miles-probably with the guitar still in it. But it must work because there are no breaks or cracks. The guitar is completely intact. I don't know why anybody would put a Bigsby on a 12 string but Guild thought it was a good idea. I just restrung it and I can tell you it's something you don't want to have to do too often. Twelves are enough of a pain to string without having to deal with the Bigs but I wouldn't worry about that for at least a few months.  The red finish still looks pretty red and the cool art deco pickguard alone is worth the price of admission. I'm more of a Gibson guy so I'm not sure where to price this-it's not like you see one come up that often. You can pick it up in New York City or I'll ship it to wherever you are. Paypal is the preferred payment method. Shipping will be a flat $65 for the lower 48. Anywhere else, we'll have to discuss.

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